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Podcast: Improving Drug Development Speed with AI

08 March 2022 | Blog

Improving Drug Development Speed with AI in Life Sciences - with Emmanuel Walckenaer of YSEOP and...

Next Steps: Transition from Narrative Science to Yseop

07 March 2022 | Blog

With Salesforce’s acquisition of Narrative Science, any company not utilizing integrations relate...

Product Announcement: Augmented Analyst Updates

25 February 2022 | Blog

v2.5 product updates│March 2022 With Yseop’s new Augmented Analyst release, we have made it eas...

Top Artificial Intelligence Movies | Friday Yseop Pick | 03 - Free Guy

18 February 2022 | Blog

Next up for our Friday AI Movie of the week, we are highlighting Free Guy, a 2021 action comedy r...

Top Artificial Intelligence Movies | Friday Yseop Pick | 02 - Her

09 February 2022 | Blog

This week for our Friday pick of the week (and just in time for Valentine’s Day!), we are rewatch...

Top Artificial Intelligence Movies | Pick 1 - Imitation Game

03 February 2022 | Blog

In 2022, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is now a pervasive aspect of our day-to-day life without us...

4 Ways Medical Writers Can Benefit from NLG

31 January 2022 | Blog

By 2025, the global market for AI software in healthcare is set to exceed more than $8.1 billion....

Credit Webinar: Optimize Credit Granting Processes with AI

27 January 2022 | Blog

Today, when a company applies for credit, business managers must analyze numerous financial indic...

Pharma Webinar: How to Accelerate Drugs to Patients With AI

26 January 2022 | Blog

Reducing time to market for new drug introductions has never been more crucial. Getting new drugs...

Yseop Honored As Finalist in 2021 FinTech Finance Awards for Innovation in AI

03 December 2021 | Blog

Earlier this week, Yseop was named a finalist in the 2021 FinTech Finance Awards.

Was It All Just A Dream? Interview with the Founder of Yseop

03 November 2021 | Blog

By: Alain Kaeser, Chief Science Officer and Founder of Yseop You might be wondering how the idea...

Augmented Analyst: What's new in 2.4 release

03 November 2021 | Blog

Yseop Introduces, Augmented Analyst 2.4   REGISTER TO THE 2.4 AUGMENTED ANALYST WEBINAR TO DISC...