At Yseop, we are dedicated to innovation, driven by our passion for data, technology, and language. We excel in AI not only due to our commitment to creating quality outputs for our customers, but to each other. Yseopers are curious collaborators who seek to revolutionize the life sciences and financial services workflows through technology and provide individualized customer experiences through innovation.

Discover where you can advance your career and your technical knowledge, here at the forefront of the digital working revolution. 

What We Value

The four core values at the heart of our corporate culture


Trust is fundamental to everything we do. By trusting each other and ourselves, we empower our people and our customer relationships.



Innovation is what keeps us motivated and fuels our drive to satisfy every customer.



We inspire each other and work together to foster a strong team spirit.



As partners on a technological journey, our customers show us what is possible every day.

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ChooseMyCompany indexes promote companies where people are the happiest and most motivated at work. Yseop is the proud recipient of the Happy Index/Startup and Agile at Work certifications. We are positioned at the 8th place in the Top10 HappyIndex®AtWork for Startups + 50 employees 2021. This position is a true testament to our employees’ enthusiasm and pride in their daily mission to democratize NLG.

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Hear from the Team

It’s easy to say what we are, but hear who we are from those on our team

Why Work With Us?

We offer more than a job here at Yseop, we provide:

An opportunity to shape the future

Develop your skills working and developing one of the most disruptive technologies on the horizon.

Support for Achievement

We actively engage and support one another across the organization, across the borders between offices, and celebrate each other’s achievements in this passionate pursuit.

Innovating in a Unique Venture

We are fast growing and foster innovation among our teams, each contribution from a Yseoper makes a real impact in the company.

yseop careers.
work with us.

"As part of Yseop's transformation and in the particular context that the Covid-19 crisis has generated, we want more than ever to accelerate our societal and environmental commitment. Our CSR policy is the expression of our values ​​and the reflection of our civic responsibility as well as the way in which we live our employee and customer experience.”

A Commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility

  • Raising employee awareness of the Climate Challenge via the Climate Fresco
  • Creation of “Challenge of the month” on environmental and societal themes
  • Recycling of our IT equipment
  • Supporting women in the digital world
  • Commitment to promote education and fight against illiteracy
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