Credit & Risk Document Automation

Accelerate your financial and performance reporting with scale and accuracy.

Streamline the review process and integrate machine learning to flag potential risks while generating automated credit reporting with Natural Language Generation (NLG) technology.

Discover how Yseop’s platform streamlines, simplifies and empowers a new standard of accuracy and consistency for risk analysis.

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A Solution for Credit and Risk

Human-powered data analysis and insight generation is a slow process, time-consuming, and filled with the opportunity for error which can harm credit risk evaluation and business decisions.

Compliant Reporting: Our software has compliance knowledge built in, ensuring that the complex regulatory landscape is adhered to and the risk of error in manual writing is removed. Produce consistently accurate financial reports that are compliant at every turn.

Accurate Data: The Yseop Copilot platform ensures teams can make smarter decisions based on accurate data insights.

Time Savings and Cost Efficiency: By automating credit & risk reports and leveraging preconfigured report models, ontology, and intentions specific to risk, teams can respond quicker to customers.

Explore Automation Built to Augment the Credit and Risk Workforce

Streamline report analysis in 4 steps:

1. Upload client financial data

2. Choose the type of analysis: simple or enriched

3. Generate the test and copy it into the credit proposal

4. Finalize the analysis and send it to the risk department for review and approval

Automation Packs for Credit & Risk

Used by Business specialists and analysts to automate all their credit risk reports.

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Case Studies

At the forefront of innovations and developments in AI and NLG.

How Lilly tapped into Generative AI capabilities with Yseop. Yseop is leading the way in content automation for regulated industries.
Providing a summarized and dynamic sales analysis to business analysts and other key stakeholders at Sanofi.
Providing a leading retail bank’s branch management with key performance insights and personalized action plans.

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