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Yseop’s AI natural language platform scaled by Sanofi to accelerate medical writing and reporting processes

After four successful years of collaborating, Sanofi plans to expand Yseop’s platform for pharma and vaccine use cases.

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NEW YORK, NY, June 16, 2022 – Yseop, the world-leading AI software company and pioneer in Natural Language Processing (NLP), today announced that Sanofi, the global healthcare company, has chosen to scale its natural language generation (NLG) capabilities with Yseop. Sanofi will use the platform to accelerate its clinical study submission processes and bring new treatments to patients faster.

Sanofi is one of the first pharmaceutical firms to leverage NLG in their clinical trial documents authoring workflows and is a pioneer in Artificial Intelligence (AI) use for faster drug development. This year, Sanofi plans to continue to expand the use of the Yseop platform to a wide range of therapeutic and vaccine use cases.

“We are thrilled that we can continue to help Sanofi significantly expedite their clinical trial dossier submission workflows with our powerful technology,” said Emmanuel Walckanaer, CEO of Yseop. “The feedback from their medical writing teams has already been resoundingly positive and well received, as they have now shifted their focus to more strategic analysis.”

Yseop works with the industry’s top 20 pharma companies and has established itself as the undisputed industry leader of AI NLP in pharma and life sciences. We invite you to visit Yseop at the upcoming DIA Conference this June in Chicago, IL at Booth 1232 and attend their innovation theater session on Wednesday, June 22nd at 1:05pm in Theater #3. To learn more about Yseop’s participation at DIA, click here.

About Yseop
Yseop is an international company specializing in artificial intelligence and is a pioneer in Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology. Yseop’s expertise lies in data analysis, machine learning and language technologies. Its industry-leading Augmented Analyst NLP AI Platform supports enterprise no-code applications for business users. The Augmented Analyst platform analyzes enterprise data and delivers insight and document automation that empowers the workforce, supporting its Augmented Financial Analyst and Augmented Medical Writer applications.

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