Corporate Finance Document Automation

Accelerate your financial and performance reporting with scale and accuracy.

Automation can revolutionize the way organizations operate, streamlining workflows using artificial intelligence and digitizing manual operations using machine learning, thus enabling you to thrive in this new financial world.

Natural Language Generation (NLG) solutions help provide expert-level financial reporting and analysis, all within the bounds of compliance requirements. With Yseop, corporate finance departments can transform their business data into written narratives.

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Automated, Actionable Insights

Yseop’s NLG solutions support complex analysis of actual financials.

Built-in Regulatory Knowledge: Ensure financial reports are compliant, our writing automation removes the risk of manual error and delivers both accuracy and consistency as standard.

Save Money: Generate data-driven reports automatically, saving time and resources, and associated costs.

Empower Your Team: By streamlining processes and producing high volumes of reports at an accelerated speed, your team can focus on more strategic and impactful work, empowering them with greater insights to drive better decisions.

Automation Packs for Corporate Finance

Used by analysts to automate regular business & financial reports:

Discover How Data Can Be Read and Analyzed in the Voice of an Analyst

More than NLG, Supporting the Controller

Our Yseop Copilot is built for large-scale, enterprise-level deployment that empowers your team rather than robbing them of control. Our Natural Language Generation compiles better data with every run and facilitates the generation of hundreds of financial reports upon request.

Automate and save time, improve quality, and ensure total compliance with an NLG that knows business and the Analyst’s voice.

Discover how our Yseop Copilot and suite of pre-packaged tools deliver:

Business Ontology:

Our Yseop Copilot is programmed with the language of business, delivering more than reports and commentary that sound human, they read as if written by one of your team members

Report Generation:

Streamline the generation of reports and empower your team to make informed decisions without the wait of report compiling. With our Yseop Copilot, you can enable your team to spend more time on valuable work and interacting across the business rather than report writing. The suite includes tools for the automation of core performance reports that range from budget and cash flow to sales performance and KPI analysis.

Multilingual Reports:

Generate reports in any language needed automatically, ensuring sensitive data is sent and delivered accurately without wasting time.

Fully Customized Solutions:

Can’t find the solution you’re looking for? With our bespoke NLG technology, Yseop Compose, you can build fully tailored applications to meet your specific business needs with the support of our selected partners. Find out more.

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Case Studies

At the forefront of innovations and developments in AI and NLG.

Providing a summarized and dynamic sales analysis to business analysts and other key stakeholders at Sanofi.
Providing a leading retail bank’s branch management with key performance insights and personalized action plans.
Automating daily P&L affirmation reports for the product control department of a major global bank.

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