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Yseop Launches “Yseop Copilot,” the World’s Most Secure Digital Colleague for Scientific Writers 

Reimagining the future of scientific writing, Yseop Copilot leverages pre-trained cutting edge Generative AI models (LLMs) for the BioPharma industry.

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NEW YORK, NEW YORK – June 6, 2023 – Yseop, the world-leading AI software company and pioneer in Generative AI, today announced the launch of Yseop Copilot, the world’s most secure content automation solution for regulated industries and next-generation of the Augmented Analyst platform. Yseop Copilot is an enterprise software platform leveraging pre-trained LLM models for the BioPharma industry. The multimodal platform is a massive leap forward for life sciences firms looking to address their automation requirements and empowers scientific writers to be more strategic and productive with their resources in a closed, secure environment.  

Yseop Copilot supercharges productivity and keeps scientific writing in-house for quality control. With Yseop Copilot, scientific writers across hundreds of clinical trials have slashed writing times and improved the consistency and reliability of reports in record time. Yseop built this digital solution specifically for regulated industries like BioPharma, as proprietary prompts and validation methods ensure writing accuracy, while citations preserve traceability.

“With the extraordinary capacity of Generative AI technology and the emergence of LLMs across a variety of industries, we knew there was an opportunity to incorporate a multimodal automation approach in a way that is suitable for our clients in the regulated space,” said Emmanuel Walckenaer, CEO of Yseop. “With Yseop Copilot, we have launched the most powerful automation tool available to scientific writers today, using LLM for content generation in a way that is secure, easy, and pre-configured for biopharmaceuticals.”

Yseop Copilot is hosted in a fully secure, private environment for each customer. The multimodal platform leverages a variety of data-to-text (symbolic AI) and text-to-text (pre-trained open source LLM) techniques for the most cohesive and intelligent content automation process available to regulated industries today. GxP compliant with full auditability, users have control and pre-configured settings available for use right away. Yseop Copilot solves critical data security concerns and enables a high fidelity automation for non-clinical and clinical documents.

According to Gartner, over 30% of new drugs and materials will be systematically discovered using Generative AI techniques by 2025. As leading pharmaceutical companies sprint to harness the impressive power of these tools, Yseop Copilot is empowering the future of scientific writing by creating the world’s most trusted digital colleague for automating scientific writing. 

To learn how life sciences firms are reimagining the future of their scientific writing workflows with Yseop Copilot, sign up here to start your automated content generation trial or visit Yseop at Booth 1120 at the DIA Annual Meeting in Boston, MA from June 26th – 29th. 

About Yseop

Yseop is the leader in Generative AI for regulated industries, changing the way content automation solutions are delivered with a human-centric, AI platform. Yseop is reimagining the future of scientific writing to get medicine into the hands of those who need it faster. With a suite of industry-specific applications and cutting-edge hybrid Natural Language Generation (NLG) technology that blends symbolic, machine learning, and LLM techniques, Yseop ensures that even the most demanding content automation tasks are met with ease, scalability and application security across the entire enterprise.

As the world’s leading content automation solution for biopharmaceuticals, Yseop Copilot is a digital colleague that empowers scientific writers and addresses the unique requirements of regulated industries. Blending the power of large language models with customer data, Yseop Copilot delivers trusted and auditable content automation solutions in a closed, secure environment. 

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