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Generative AI is a class of AI techniques that involve creating content, data, or output that is not directly copied from existing examples, but rather generated by the AI system itself from data and documents.

Yseop uses generative AI for content creation in regulated industries like life science and finance. We use several types of generative AI technologies and techniques depending on the type of information used as an input and the target output format (e.g. table, text, etc.)

ChatGPT is a tool designed for consumers to test the abilities of LLMs on a wide variety of tasks and is an attempt at AGI (Artificial General Intelligence).

Yseop Copilot uses the same underlying technology (probabilistic machine learning models) in a way that meets the trust and security needs of life sciences companies.

Natural Language Generation (NLG) is a subsection of Natural Language Processing (“NLP”). NLG software turns structured data into written narratives, writing like a human being but at the speed of thousands of pages per second.

No. Yseop Copilot is meant to act as a tool to empower users to be more innovative and analytical, while automating structured, repetitive processes and calculations.

Yseop Copilot offers a platform that can automate different documents. Those documents are handled by a specific automation pack. Automation packs consist of packaged components and configurations specific to a use case or document. This affords you the freedom to select the precise automation pack that aligns perfectly with your unique requirements, granting you a solution that’s as adaptable as it is efficient.

Currently, we offer automation packs for a variety of use cases including clinical study reports, clinical trial narratives, corporate finance, credit risk, and much more.

Yes! If you are interested in learning more about Yseop’s content automation solutions, we encourage you to sign up for a free trial to see the technology work in action.

Clinical study reports, clinical trial narratives, summary clinical safety, and preclinical study reports for pharmacokinetics.

Yes. Yseop Copilot is 100% accurate based on the input of information into the platform. However, it is meant to be a first draft for writers to go in and finalize based on style and writing preferences.

No. Yseop Copilot provides a no-code Studio to configure the reports. On their end, medical writers and business users will generate the final documents using our easy-to-use Word Add-in or one of our BI integrations.

With the Yseop Copilot Word Add-in, users can benefit from content automation directly in Microsoft Word, and similarly, we offer BI integrations for Tableau, Qlik, and PowerBI.

The platform combines different AI technologies, including machine learning, NLG, and NLU, allowing users to customize reporting narratives and feedback to the system.

Yseop’s Customer Success Team supports end-user onboarding with dedicated training sessions during the Implementation phase. The onboarding includes a mix of self-service documentation and training modules, along with dedicated sessions that can be tailored to your needs.

Yes, within our Customer Success Management (CSM) team, Yseop provides professional services to support Yseop Copilot initial implementation. A dedicated Project Manager is appointed to your project and will manage initial configuration, installation and successful deployment of Yseop Copilot.

  • Projects only take a few weeks.
  • Our implementation approach consists of three phases:
  1. Initialization: Prepare requirements for the initial configuration. Yseop shares data requirements with the customer. Customer provides text samples, writing guidelines and templates if available, and most importantly mock datasets to kick off the next phase. Together, we agree on success criteria to validate application deployment.
  2. Configuration: Focuses on the configuration of the automation packs. Configuration is based on provided datasets and is applicable to any other data set that will meet these requirements.
  3. Validation and deployment: Yseop delivers the configured automation pack for UAT and user training. Once validated by the customer, the application is deployed on Production environment for early adopters use. Yseop and customer agree on a success plan to monitor user adoption and usage, required support and gather feedback.
  • Yseop is a cloud-first SaaS company, our recommendation is to host on Yseop cloud

To ensure data protection, Yseop implements the following measures:

  • A single-tenant architecture dedicated to each client and the possibility to use a stateless mode in which customer data is not stored permanently;
  • Secure logins and encrypted data transmission;
  • Regular security scans and annual penetration tests;
  • Controlled infrastructure access and audit trails;
  • Employees’ awareness of information security and personal data protection.

Yseop supports its customers being GxP compliant through several product features and processes, such as:

    • The audit trail which tracks all customers data activities;
    • Security access and control to the application;
    • Software development quality management system;
    • Maintenance processes and risk analysis;
    • Internal training.

Customers include top life sciences companies like Eli Lilly, GSK, and Sanofi. Factset, Oracle, BNP Paribas, Allianz, and CBRE are others.

  • CSMs are working alongside product, sales and project managers to help customers achieve higher levels of satisfaction, usage and value.
  • Customers can contact our Support team via email:, which will open a ticket for Yseop support.
  • Our support team is located in Paris (France) and in New York City (United States).

Yseop is committed to responding with an appropriate level of urgency to all Support Services requests. Customers may submit an incident report to Yseop via the support e-mail, 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 365 days per year.

  • We are a SaaS player, our pricing models is: 
    • License/year
    • Set up costs
  • The pricing is based on the number of users

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