Yseop Copilot vs. Alternative GenAI Technologies 

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Generative AI (GenAI) technologies took the world by storm in 2023. Companies were launching new solutions and seeking ways to incorporate them into their business models, while Yseop was ahead of the curve. As one of the first GenAI companies to actively implement this technology at scale in BioPharma, Yseop’s cutting edge solutions are reimagining the future of work in highly-regulated industries by accelerating medical writing. 

What makes Yseop Copilot Different? 

While more commonly known models like ChatGPT are innovative and available for personal use, they fall short when it comes to the pharmaceutical sector. In BioPharma, compliance, accountability, and transparency are mission critical. The potential for sensitive or public information to leak is high, and a risk companies can’t (and won’t) take. 

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What are limitations of open source models?

  • Biased answers & inaccurate content
  • Lack of understanding context & emotional intelligence
  • No auditability or traceability
  • Opaque models that are not fit for data-to-text automation
  • Lack of domain expertise to navigate complex regulatory landscapes 

Thankfully, that’s where Yseop Copilot comes in – it solves data security concerns, while enabling document automation across clinical and preclinical. Hosted in a fully secure environment, Yseop Copilot is a powerful automation tool for medical writers. It uses LLM for content generation in a secure and seamless way with pre-configured modules for the BioPharma industry. 

Yseop leverages a wide-variety of data-to-text (symbolic AI) and text-to-text (pre-trained open source LLM) techniques, allowing life sciences firms to automate processes and empower medical writers to be more strategic. The digital colleague is GxP compliant with full auditability and users have control and pre-configured settings available for use immediately.

Yseop’s Cutting Edge Solutions 
Overall, Yseop brings a substantial boost to writing and reviewing productivity, guaranteeing quality control, and dramatically reducing writing times across hundreds of clinical trials. The goal is to continue to revolutionize the industry by solving critical data security concerns and enable preclinical and clinical document automation, with the ultimate goal of getting life saving medicines to market faster.  

Recently, Yseop celebrated its involvement in over 150 clinical trials across the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies, including Eli Lilly, GSK and Sanofi. Yseop also received a strategic investment from Novartis, further allowing the company to continue to execute on its roadmap to automate the entire document process across pharma, from preclinical trials through FDA approval.

Yseop also is a recent winner of the Global Generative AI Award in the Healthcare and Life Sciences category and in 2023, won the Citeline Awards securing the title of Best Use of Artificial Intelligence in Clinical Trials. 
Clinical Trials Infographic.

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