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Yseop Announces Strategic Investment and Celebrates Milestone of 150 Clinical Trials Powered by Generative AI

Reinforcing Yseop’s unique footprint in the GenAI space for BioPharma, a new investment enables Yseop to expand the scope of its Generative AI offerings and accelerate its leadership position in life sciences.

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New York, New York – December 7, 2023 – Yseop, a world-leading Generative AI company for life sciences, today announces the closing of a strategic investment round, with new investor Novartis (dRx Capital), joining existing investors Eli Lilly, NextStage AM and Wille Finance and celebrates its involvement in more than 150 clinical trials across the leading pharmaceutical companies in the world. Included in these clinical trials are many of the most notable advancements in new treatments, vaccines, and medicines that society has seen in recent history. 

By automating parts of the clinical document landscape, like the Clinical Study Report (CSR), Patient Narrative, and Summary Clinical Safety (SCS), Yseop is one of the first GenAI applications in production today for medical and regulatory writing. In 2023 alone, Yseop generated 10,000+ reports and eliminated tens of thousands of hours of writing and review time. These represent potential savings that could support a dramatic acceleration for new drug introductions to the market and reinforce Yseop’s commitment to bringing life saving drugs to patients faster. Yseop and its Generative AI capabilities have already proven its value within pharma, actively deployed across multiple therapeutic areas, including vaccines, immunology, diabetes, oncology, neurology, and Rx (medical prescription). Yseop has been adopted by hundreds of medical writers across the globe. 

Now, with this most recent investment, Yseop will execute on its roadmap to automate the entire document process across pharma, from preclinical trials all the way through FDA approval. Its enterprise software platform, Yseop Copilot, leverages pre-trained LLM models built for the BioPharma industry. The multimodal platform is a massive leap forward for pharmaceutical companies looking to address their content automation challenges. 

“Our investors and clients understand the value Yseop brings by automating various aspects of medical writing and how impactful Generative AI capabilities can be when applied across all of life sciences,” said Emmanuel Walckenaer, CEO of Yseop. “This further strategic investment adds significant value to Yseop as we look to build out our Generative AI technology and scale it across pharma content development.” 

Yseop is leading the way in content automation for pharma, with a human-centric artificial intelligence (AI) platform. Yseop acts as a copilot for scientific writers, maximizing their efficiency and accuracy by generating reports and insights. Yseop ensures that pharma’s most complex content automation tasks are met with ease, scalability, and application security across the entire enterprise.

The time needed for a drug to reach the market takes years, with an average cost of $2.6 billion. Yseop, through its partnership with leading brands across pharma, is applying its Generative AI-powered content automation platform that offers capabilities which could drastically speeds up the clinical trial and drug approval process, ultimately getting life saving pharmaceuticals to market faster. 

About Yseop

Yseop is the leader in Generative AI for life science and pharmaceutical companies, changing the way content automation solutions are delivered with a human-centric, AI platform. Yseop is a pioneer in Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology and acts as a “Copilot” for medical writers, maximizing their efficiency and accuracy in generating reports and insights crucial to drug development and approval. With cutting-edge language models, Yseop ensures today’s pharmaceutical companies are meeting the most demanding content tasks with ease, scalability and application security. As the world’s leading content automation solution for biopharmaceuticals, Yseop Copilot is a digital colleague that empowers scientific writers and addresses the unique requirements of the highly regulated pharmaceutical industry. Blending the power of language models with customer data, Yseop Copilot delivers trusted and auditable content automation solutions in a closed, secure environment. 

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