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Yseop Copilot is reimagining the future of work for regulated industries 



Yseop takes top prize in the category of “Best Use of Artificial Intelligence in Clinical Trials.” 

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Scale human expertise through Automation

Save time and money

Increase efficiency of complex processes at scale, while improving quality and accuracy.

Empower your people

Liberate your team from tedious repetitive tasks, empowering them to focus on adding real strategic value. 

Drive digital transformation

Modernize workflows and transform how your business operates to succeed in the new AI-powered world.

Yseop Copilot addresses the unique requirements of regulated industries. Hosted in a secure environment, Yseop Copilot is the world’s leading content automation solution for biopharmaceuticals and finance.

Life Sciences

Offering fully configurable Automation Packs to accelerate core medical report writing needs

Automation for Life Sciences

Yseop helps bring drugs to market faster by automating the data analysis and report generation required by regulators.


Streamlined data with built-in compliance knowledge that pushes forward.


Our solution helps medical writers do more in less time by automating key clinical components of the CTD in module 2 and 5.

(Coming Soon)

Discover how automation saves lives, money, and quickens the march to market.

The future of work is augmented.

See how Yseop’s powerful medical writing AI can drastically cut time to market with full workflow automation.

Finance & Risk

Combining machine learning and artificial intelligence to create intelligent automation tools for finance and risk groups

Automation for Finance & Risk

Automate the writing of financial reports, removing the risk of error in manual writing to ensure accuracy, consistency and compliance.

Corporate Finance

Unlock new opportunities for business growth, by empowering your teams to make smarter decisions based on accurate data insights.

Credit Risk

Modernize workflows to transform how your business operates in today’s digital world.

Revolutionize the way you work.

See how Yseop can help you seize the opportunities of next generation AI technology and drive real business improvement.

How much time would you save if your financial reports were automatically generated?

Discover ALIX, a tool that determines what percentage of your financial reports can be automated in less than a minute.


Unlock business value and opportunities with fully bespoke NLG solutions

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News & Press Releases

At the forefront of innovations and developments in AI and NLG.

Yseop has won at the 2023 Citeline Awards for Best Use of Artificial Intelligence in Clinical Trials.
Yseop has been honored as a finalist in the 2023 Global Business Tech Awards for the Best Use of Artificial Intelligence in Clinical Trials.

Awards & Recognition

Citeline Awards, Best Use of Artificial Intelligence in Clinical Trials

Yseop winner at the 2023 Citeline Awards for Best Use of Artificial Intelligence in Clinical Trials.
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Recognized by Gartner as a Representative Vendor in its first Natural Language Generation Market Guide.

Gartner, Market Guide for Natural Language Generation Platforms, 27 June 2019, Bern Elliot, Anthony Mullen, Adrian Lee, Rita Sallam.

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Efma-Capgemini Financial NewTech 2020 Watchlist

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Label Finance Innovation

IT Night silver prize: Category “Digital Innovation and AI”

ventana research award winner.

Top IT Innovation 2016 

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Grand Prix « Banque and Innovation 2015

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