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Cognizant and Yseop announce plan to partner to scale medical writing through Generative AI

Cognizant's AI and industry expertise, combined with Yseop’s generative AI platform, aims to improve the productivity of scientific writers across the life sciences value chain

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Cognizant and Yseop, a leading artificial intelligence (AI) software company, have announced a plan to partner to help accelerate and scale the delivery of scientific content in the biopharma industry through generative AI. By utilising Yseop Copilot to transform medical writing in life sciences, the companies are hoping to enhance productivity in the development process and expedite the market introduction of new, life-saving treatments. Cognizant aims to help deliver Yseop’s value and adoption across the life sciences industry, continuing to support the profound digital transformation brought by AI.

The traditional process of authoring scientific content, reviewing it with multiple stakeholders, and preparing documents for submission to regulatory bodies is costly, labor-intensive and time-consuming. Medical writers must adhere to multiple sets of standards, adjust to various templates across therapeutic areas, and analyze large volumes of clinical data within limited timeframes. Additionally, they must tailor their writing style to the audience, whether demonstrating statistical significance to regulators or conveying information in a way that consumers can understand.

By harnessing Yseop Copilot to act as an assistant, scientific authors can quickly set-up complex report documents, verbalize clinical data, and deliver high-quality drafts. Integrating into and scaling across their document and data management tools, the anticipated joint solution will help automate tedious tasks while ensuring increased regulatory accuracy, shortening document delivery times, and freeing up writers to focus on more complex work.

“The expected partnership of Yseop’s capabilities to automate content generation for medical writing together with Cognizant’s Industry Solutions Group’s domain knowledge across the biopharmaceutical development chain will help our joint clients unlock new productivity, accelerate their speed-to-market and cut out a competitive advantage for themselves,” says Archana Ramanakumar, Senior Vice President and Global Head of Cognizant’s Industry Solutions Group.

“By partnering with Cognizant we hope to not only accelerate the adoption of generative AI in life sciences but also solidify Yseop’s leadership position in the industry,” said Emmanuel Walckenaer, CEO of Yseop. “We expect this proposed collaboration will significantly enhance the productivity and efficiency of scientific writers, enabling faster delivery of life-saving treatments. Together, we plan to set a new standard for innovation and excellence in biopharma.”

Once the partnership comes into effect, Cognizant aims to collaborate with Yseop’s customer success teams in Paris and New York City. Additionally, Cognizant intends to establish a Yseop AI Centre of Excellence to develop new Yseop Copilot use cases and provide system integration and managed services for joint clients.

About Cognizant

Cognizant (Nasdaq: CTSH) engineers modern businesses. We help our clients modernize technology, reimagine processes and transform experiences so they can stay ahead in our fast-changing world. Together, we’re improving everyday life. See how at or @cognizant.

About Yseop

Yseop is the leader in Generative AI for life science and pharmaceutical companies, changing the way content automation solutions are delivered with a human-centric, AI platform. Yseop is a pioneer in Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology and acts as a “Copilot” for medical writers, maximizing their efficiency and accuracy in generating reports and insights crucial to drug development and approval.

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