Automation for Finance and Risk

Accelerate your financial and performance reporting with scale and accuracy.

Our NLG platform, Yseop Copilot, streamlines, simplifies, and empowers a new standard of accuracy and consistency across financial reporting.

Today, finance departments dedicate significant time and resources to data interpretation. With Yseop, transform your quantitative data sets into high quality written analysis – all securely, at scale, and in an easily digestible format. With AI-powered technology, unburden your teams and streamline your finance and risk reporting processes.

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Corporate Finance

Implement pre-packaged tools to augment your core financial reporting needs. By automating this process, teams can focus on valuable strategic work and better support decision-making across the business.

Discover how Yseop’s no-code Yseop Copilot supports the controller and eliminates time-consuming report writing.

How much time would you save if your financial reports were automatically generated?

Discover ALIX, a tool that determines what percentage of your financial report can be automated in less than a minute.

Credit & Risk

From identifying potential risk, making sense of large and complex data sets, and automating client risk reports, Yseop’s pre-packaged solutions can assist all without writing a single line of code.

With pre-configured solutions, automate core compliance reports so your team can focus on interpretation and decision-making rather than investing valuable time in report writing. Discover how our no-code Yseop Copilot and automation pack functionality supports the controller.

Business Intelligence

Yseop Copilot brings report automation and deeper insights to data visualization tools. Yseop’s suite of enterprise-grade plug-ins automates report writing with natural language generation (NLG) and instantly connects to BI tools like Tableau, Qlik, and Power BI all without leaving your native interface.

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Case Studies

At the forefront of innovations and developments in AI and NLG.

How Lilly tapped into Generative AI capabilities with Yseop. Yseop is leading the way in content automation for regulated industries.
Providing a summarized and dynamic sales analysis to business analysts and other key stakeholders at Sanofi.
Providing a leading retail bank’s branch management with key performance insights and personalized action plans.

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