AI Uncovered with Fred Schonenberg (The Vital Role of GenAI in Enterprises)

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Podcast 8

Episode Eight: The Vital Role of GenAI in Enterprises

We welcome Fred Schonenberg to AI Uncovered. Fred is the founder and CEO of VentureFuel. He has created an innovation framework that bridges the VC, Angel, and Startup ecosystem with enterprises to deliver tangible technology solutions that drive growth. In his role at Venture Fuel, Fred has worked with over 100 companies from General Mills to Netflix.

He is a frequent speaker at industry events such as SXSW, Ad Tech, and Advertising Week and is published in broad media publications including Huffington post, Creator Magazine and Ad Week.

In this episode Tim and Fred discuss generative AI and the role and collaboration between venture capital firms, startups, and enterprises. Fred has worked with over 100 companies, from General Mills to Beam Suntory to Netflix. He has helped companies discover and implement new technologies and delivered breakthrough results including an 18.7% uptick in sales , $10m+ savings, and 5x increase in purchase intent. 

“Obviously AI is like the bright spot of the venture capital world and gen AI, the star within that bright spot.” 

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About AI Uncovered

AI Uncovered is our podcast, made for technology enthusiasts that explores the intersection of generative AI, machine learning, and innovation across regulated industries. 

With the AI software market projected to reach $14 trillion by 2030, each episode features compelling conversations with an innovator exploring the impact of generative AI, LLMs, and other rapidly evolving technologies across their organization.

Hosted by Executive VP of Product at Yseop, Tim Martin leads a global team and uses his expertise to manage the wonderful world of product. 

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