AI Uncovered with Rohit Sood (Digital Transformation & AI’s Role in Life Sciences)

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Rohit Sood on AI Uncovered- Digital Transformation & AI's Role in Life Sciences - Yseop

Episode Nine: Digital Transformation & AI’s Role in Life Sciences

We welcome Rohit Sood to AI Uncovered. Rohit is a seasoned executive with a strong background in commercialization and technology use in life sciences. He currently advises a variety of life science services and Private Equity firms on operations, growth and digital transformation. With over 25 years of experience in the life sciences and technology industries, Rohit has held multiple leadership roles, leveraging his expertise in AI, cloud computing and digital transformation.

Rohit holds a degree in Computer Science and Applied Mathematics and an MBA from Rutgers. He is currently an adjunct lecturer at Rutgers and is pursuing his DBA in the area of scientific/technological evolution and its impact on oncology commercialization.

In this episode Tim Rohit discuss life sciences, digital transformation and the use of generative AI in this industry. They delve into the trends, challenges and success stories of implementing AI in life sciences, exploring how digital transformation drives innovation and efficiency. Rohit provides valuable insights on how startups can differentiate themselves and shares best practices for digital transformation,  highlighting  successful strategies from his extensive consulting experience. Rohit is passionate about the intersection of technology and business and enjoys actively mentoring startups and young professionals. 

“From a digital transformation perspective, which specific areas do you want to tackle where you have the largest return on investment?” 

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About AI Uncovered

AI Uncovered is our podcast, made for technology enthusiasts that explores the intersection of generative AI, machine learning, and innovation across regulated industries. 

With the AI software market projected to reach $14 trillion by 2030, each episode features compelling conversations with an innovator exploring the impact of generative AI, LLMs, and other rapidly evolving technologies across their organization.

Hosted by Executive VP of Product at Yseop, Tim Martin leads a global team and uses his expertise to manage the wonderful world of product. 

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