Unlock business value and configurable Natural Language Generation solutions

Connecting with our experts delivers custom-made NLG applications that transform your organization with enterprise-level automation, helping you to streamline operations and empower your workers with tailored information and insight.

Automate Complex Processes:
based on structured data, you’re able to generate written content at scale and accelerate manual processes with ease.

Customize Applications:
Our NLG program is the only enterprise-level self-service software that empowers you to build your own applications and install them on your servers.

Built-in Knowledge:
Discover and contextualize insights through clear written explanations from our NLG, empowering your workforce with consistent and valuable knowledge.

Multilingual Generation:
Reports and written narratives are generated at high-quality translations in a range of languages.

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Fully Tailored Applications Based on Your Needs

Automate the writing of long, complex, and time-consuming reports, which are accurate, customizable, and auditable.

Our fully custom NLG offering can be tailored to your specific needs. We will build a tool based on your business rules, with the capability to produce a high volume of written text within constrained patterns and parameters.

Contact us to discuss your business’s needs and find out how we can help build a customized NLG solution.

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Case Studies

At the forefront of innovations and developments in AI and NLG.

How Lilly tapped into Generative AI capabilities with Yseop. Yseop is leading the way in content automation for regulated industries.
Providing a summarized and dynamic sales analysis to business analysts and other key stakeholders at Sanofi.
Providing a leading retail bank’s branch management with key performance insights and personalized action plans.

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