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Augmented Medical Writer

Streamline complex medical reporting, with accurate automated analysis

Scale human expertise with NLG tools for medical report writing

Automate report writing, translating data into accurate and actionable language; making specialist medical reports faster to produce, accurately and consistently, enabling you to get drugs to market faster. 

Reduce costs

Reduce costs

Automatically generate data driven reports, saving time, resources and money.

Ensure compliance-proof reporting

Ensure compliance-proof reporting

Remove the risks of manual, human errors in reporting, ensuring high-quality, accuracy and full traceability every time.

Empower analysts

Empower analysts

Enable your team to focus on more valuable and strategic work, empowering them with more insights to drive better decision making.

Accelerate regulatory submission

Accelerate regulatory submission

Streamline processes and produce reports faster, increasing operational efficiency.

Applications to streamline and accelerate your regulatory submissions

Augmented Medical Writer is built for enterprise-level deployment, facilitating the generation of large volumes of complex medical reports upon request by large analyst teams. Find out more about our suite of pre-packaged tools for specialist reports. 

The generation of Clinical Study Reports (CSRs) is one of the most time-consuming stages in the development, testing and approval of new drugs, taking weeks and in some cases months to complete.

With Augmented Medical Writer, you can automate the core, repetitive parts of CSR reporting; based on advanced artificial intelligence based on standard reasoning that needs to be applied to the data for every drug that goes to trial. Your specialist medical writers can then focus on the most complex elements of reporting, which require a deeper level of human thought, knowledge and experience. 

Automating the writing of CSRs saves significant time, reducing report writing times by an average of 30%. This translates into significant cost savings, enabling your analysts to focus on more valuable drug discovery projects, and ultimately speeding up the process of bringing new, potentially life-saving drugs to market. 

Automate the generation of complex regulatory reports, with the highest standards of quality, accuracy and consistency; ensuring compliance. 

Augmented Medical Writer generates the core elements of your specialist medical reports, enabling your analysts to focus on the most important and valuable elements.

Includes tailored reporting solutions for:

  • Patient Safety Narrative
  • Pharmacovigilance

Can’t find the solution you’re looking for? With our bespoke NLG technology, Yseop Compose, you can build fully tailored applications to meet your specific business needs with the support of our selected partners. Find out more.

Learn how Augmented Medical Writer works

Powered by “intentions”, an innovative approach to natural language generation developed by Yseop. Intentions are included in pre-packaged libraries of reporting typologies addressing specific medical reporting use cases, based on deep industry expertise, regulatory requirements and the latest in AI and NLG technology. 

Helping you get the most out of NLG

Our NLG tools can transform the way people work, for the better. We will help you implement and manage NLG, as well as support users with training and other services to ensure you make the most of the technology and drive tangible business value.

Revolutionize the way you work, today

Whether you are looking for help to identify your first business use case, or have a specific need in mind, we can help you seize the opportunities of this next generation AI technology and drive real business improvement. Get in touch today to join the NLG workplace revolution. 

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