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Augmented Financial Analyst

Accelerate your financial and performance reporting with scale and accuracy

Scale human expertise with an NLG solution for financial report generation

Automate report writing, translating data into accurate and actionable language; making complex financial reports faster to produce, accurately and consistently.

FP&A Automation Use Case Webinar

FP&A Automation Use Case Webinar

Reduce costs

Reduce costs

Automatically generate data driven reports, saving time, resources and money.

Improve accuracy

Improve accuracy

Remove the risks of manual, human errors in reporting, ensuring high-quality and accuracy as standard.

Increase efficiency

Increase efficiency

Streamline processes and produce high volumes of reports faster, whilst maintaining consistency.

Empower analysts

Empower analysts

Enable your team to focus on more valuable and strategic work, empowering them with more insights to drive better decision making.

By 2025 data stories will be the most widespread way of consuming analytics, and 75% of stories will be automatically generated using augmented analytics - Gartner 2020

At Yseop, we help you tell that story through intelligent automation of your dashboards. 
See our tools that make dashboard commentary seamless and insightful.

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How much time would you save if your financial reports were automatically generated? 

Introducing ALIX, our new tool that determines the percentage of your financial report that can be automated using our Augmented Financial Analyst in less than a minute. Use it to see how much time you could save on your reporting.

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Significantly reducing the time spent on financial analysis for a global banking group

Automating financial analysis for the credit department within the retail banking division of one of the largest banking groups in the world.

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25% of the credit annual review writing was automated
30 minutes saved on each analysis through automation
16,000 reports produced each year by more than 200 analysts

Applications to support your financial reporting needs

Augmented Financial Analyst is built for large-scale, enterprise-level deployment, facilitating the generation of hundreds of financial reports upon request. Find out more about our suite of pre-packaged tools for specialist reports. 

Streamline the generation of fund performance reports, empowering portfolio managers to focus on qualitative decision making, to support overall fund strategy and market vision. Our NLG solution automates comments on fund performance based on calculated performance and client profile data. 

Includes pre-packaged tools for:

  • Fund performance & investment reports
  • Equity research reports 
  • Credit research reports

Interprets large, complex data sets (internal and external) to provide consistency checks, analyse financial data and highlight potential risks; automating the generation of client risk reports, credit proposals or annual review reports. 

Includes pre-packaged tools for the automation of core compliance reports:

  • Credit risk 
  • Customer risk
  • KYC
  • AML / fraud
  • Suspicious activity

Make sense of the vast amount of business performance data, to quickly and clearly understand performance vs. objectives. 

Augmented Financial Analyst includes pre-packaged tools for the automation of core performance reports:

  • Sales
  • Margin
  • KPI analysis
  • Management reports

Augmented Financial Analyst can also be utilized as an extension for leading Business Intelligence and data visualization dashboards. In one click, you can add written narrative to explain and provide context to charts, data and analysis.

According to Deloitte, finance teams currently spend half of their time writing reports, leaving limited time for analysis, interpretation, decision making and communicating with the rest of the business.* With Augmented Financial Analyst, you can change this and enable your teams to spend more time on valuable strategic work, interacting with and supporting decision making across the business. 

Includes pre-packaged tools for the automation of core financial analysis reports:

  • P&L 
  • Balance sheet
  • Cash flow
  • Sales performance 
  • Budget 


*Deloitte analysis – “Crunch time 7 – Reporting in a digital world”, 2018

Can’t find the solution you’re looking for? With our bespoke NLG technology, Yseop Compose, you can build fully tailored applications to meet your specific business needs with the support of our selected partners. Find out more.

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Augmented Financial Analyst (AFA) platform empowers business users to automate their financial report to gain time and improve accuracy. Start your intelligent report automation journey today with the AFA Trial!

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Learn how Augmented Financial Analyst works

Powered by “intentions”, an innovative approach to natural language generation developed by Yseop. Intentions are included in pre-packaged libraries of reporting typologies addressing specific financial reporting use cases, based on deep industry expertise, regulatory requirements and the latest in AI and NLG technology. Out-of-the-box financial reporting intentions cover up to 80% of your reporting requirements, with the remaining 20% based on rules and formats tailored to you.

Revolutionize the way you work, today

Whether you are looking for help to identify your first business use case, or have a specific need in mind, we can help you seize the opportunities of this next generation AI technology and drive real business improvement. Get in touch today to join the NLG workplace revolution. 

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