Study: Comparing AI Chatbot vs. Physician Responses

A recent study in JAMA Internal Medicine compared physician versus AI chatbot responses to patient’s questions asked on a public social media forum. Tim Martin, Yseop’s Vice president of Product and Development was featured in USA Today discussing this topic further.

How to Implement LLMs in Pharma

The concept of generative AI and Large Language Models (LLMs) continues to grab headlines. Whether it’s the new Bedrock service or StableLM, LLMs are everywhere. For context, LLMs use deep learning techniques and data sets to understand, generate and predict content.

What is Generative AI?

Generative AI has become one of the hottest topics of 2023 to date – dominating headlines and sparking debate. While it has been around for years now, the latest and impressive capabilities are taking the world of AI by storm.

NLU vs NLP vs NLG: Debunking the Differences

Natural Language Processing (NLP), Natural Language Generation (NLG), and Natural Language Understanding (NLU) are all critical pieces of AI, but the differences are commonly confused. At a high-level, NLU and NLG are components of NLP.

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