The Impact of Generative AI and the Future of Work

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Generative AI is disrupting the future of work like never before. When first introduced, many wondered how this technology would shape the future or if it would just be a fad. Across industries, generative AI is augmenting processes and has proven that it is here to stay – especially in life sciences. With that, it’s predicted that generative AI could add as much as $4.4 trillion annually to the global economy. In this post, we’ll discuss generative AI and the future of work and why it’s important to embrace its benefits.

Generative AI in the Workplace

According to a recent KPMG survey, roughly 65% of American executives believe that in the next three to five years, generative AI will have a high or extremely high impact on their organization. Additionally, 97% agree that generative AI will play a role in allowing employees to be more creative and thoughtful by relieving them from manual processes.

In industries with historically tedious processes, such as pharma, generative AI can be a great asset in the workplace. Implementing generative AI can streamline tasks and boost productivity for medical writers, positively impacting the entire organization. In fact, spending time on data intensive tasks can help medical writers focus on more strategic initiatives, such as pushing lifesaving medicines to market. To reap the benefits of generative AI, it’s critical that employees are trained to deploy it properly. While research shows that employees are enthusiastic and willing to implement this technology, it’s important that they know all of the benefits and how it will liberate them from tedious tasks. 

Yseop’s Generative AI 

It’s important to recognize that AI is more than just a tool. It has the ability to learn and make decisions based on content it has access to. With that, integrating technology into the workplace is most effective when done in a meaningful way. AI should be considered a powerful amplifier or ally, rather than a replacement. As the leader in generative AI, Yseop changes the way content automation solutions are delivered with a human-centric, AI platform. Yseop Copilot is reimagining the future of work for pharmaceutical companies. 

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