Latest Innovations in Natural Language Generation in AI

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Natural language generation (NLG) is a critical piece of AI. Specifically, NLG is a subsection of Natural Language Processing (NLP). NLG software turns structured data into written reports, providing explanations and narratives at a rapid pace. NLG can summarize massive quantities of data, automating the writing of data-driven narratives including medical reports and product descriptions to make it universally understandable. With that, we’ve seen many advancements stemming from NLG. In this blog post, we’ll discuss what’s new in natural language generation in AI. 

Emerging Technology: Natural Language Generation in AI 

Without a doubt, AI now is not what it was 10 years ago. There have been significant developments in the fields of machine learning and NLG. NLG, a subset of Generative AI, uses advanced machine learning to create language from data – both structured and unstructured. 

Additionally, firms can incorporate large language model (LLM) capabilities to further expand, develop, and specialize their AI models. For regulated industries, like life sciences and finance, creating human-like text or imagery from existing data creates massive time and cost savings. Generative AI is rapidly disrupting a variety of workflows – from report generation to more mundane administrative tasks. 

Yseop Copilot

With the emerging popularity of generative AI technologies and LLMs, Yseop sought to address critical challenges in security and compliance by incorporating a multimodal automation approach for highly regulated industries. Recently, we launched Yseop Copilot, a digital colleague for medical writers that leverages pre-trained generative AI models intended for BioPharma and regulated industries. Yseop Copilot solves key data security concerns, while enabling automation for non-clinical and clinical documents. In turn, end users have complete control and configuration to get the desired results.

This significant leap forward automates medical writing with advanced NLG solutions that help life sciences firms shorten drug introductory processes, while saving time and costs caused by human error. Learn how firms are reimagining the future of medical writing with Yseop Copilot by starting a free automated content generation trial here. 

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