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Generalizing business analysis access at Sanofi

23 April 2020 | Case Study

Providing a summarized and dynamic sales analysis to business analysts and other key stakeholders...

Producing sales performance reviews at a French multinational retail bank

24 March 2020 | Case Study

Providing a leading retail bank's branch management with key performance insights and personalize...

Generating P&L commentaries for a US tier 1 bank

10 February 2020 | Case Study

Automating daily P&L affirmation reports for the product control department of a major global...

Significantly reducing the time spent on financial analysis for a global banking group

29 October 2019 | Case Study

Automating financial analysis for the credit department within the retail banking division of one...

Personalizing commentary for credit insurance allocation

29 October 2019 | Case Study

Automating the generation of personalized explanations for customers and brokers around credit al...

Budget monitoring enrichment for management control at a leading French investment bank

29 October 2019 | Case Study

Automating management control reporting for a CAC 40 investment bank, saving time and improving a...

Automating claims processing with personalized emails for telecommunication firm SFR

10 October 2019 | Case Study

SFR improved consistency and productivity across its 4 call centers, with a bespoke tool to autom...

Helping global healthcare leader Sanofi get drugs to market faster

24 September 2019 | Case Study

Sanofi leveraged Natural Language Generation to streamline its Clinical Study Report (CSR) genera...