Case Study

Significantly reducing the time spent on financial analysis for a global banking group

Automating financial analysis for the credit department within the retail banking division.

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The business impact

of the credit annual review writing was automated
0 %
minutes saved on each analysis through automation
reports produced each year by more than 200 analysts

The business challenge

As part of an annual review or a new credit request from a company, the business analysts need to perform a financial analysis on key metrics which will be synthesized in a note. The analysis of the figures contained in the financial statements is a manual and time-consuming task, while the real added value brought by the analysts is their knowledge of the company’s business and market environment.

The NLG solution

Yseop’s NLG solution helped the analysts free up their time by automating the comments and analyses related to the financial statements’ figures. It created “alerts” to highlight the key variations/values where the analysts should review in more detail and bring additional contextual elements.

This enabled the team to significantly streamline the financial analysis of the credit annual review; with approximately 25% of the whole document automated. This has saved at least 30 minutes for each analysis, with around 16 000 reports are produced each year by more than 200 analysts.

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