Case Study

Personalizing commentary for credit insurance allocation

Automating financial analysis for the credit department within the retail banking division.

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The business impact

Improved efficiency, thanks to a 10% reduction in calls
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Customer satisfaction, with positive feedback from clients and brokers
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Incorporating many reasons and hundreds of scenarios
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The business challenge

An international insurance company focused on the credit market wanted to clarify and personalize the explanation of refusals or partial agreement of insurance related to credit allocation. The goal was to provide this explanation for both automatic decisions and those made manually.

The NLG solution

Yseop developed an NLG solution to automate the generation of personalized explanations integrated into customer or broker accounts, incorporating the many varied reasons and hundreds of scenarios.

This enabled the insurance company to improve efficiency, seeing a 10% reduction in calls now that decisions are explained. This also resulted in an increase in customer satisfaction, with the firm receiving positive feedback from both clients and brokers. 

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With Yseop, we give clear explanations to our customers. The customer understands the decision and I have more time to focus on other opportunities. It's a real innovation!
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