AI Uncovered with Gregor Mittersinker (ChatGPT & the Impact on UX and Design)

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AI uncovered podcast with Gregor Mittersinker.

AI, ChatGPT, and the Impact on UX and Design

In episode four, we are joined by Gregor Mittersinker. Gregor is the founder and creative director at Loft. Loft focuses on product development and design with a specialty in building large product ecosystems. In this episode, Tim and Gregor dive deep into UX and design. They discuss how LLMs, like ChatGPT, have impacted UI design, specifically around conversational UI and prompt interfaces. They evaluate how industry specific applications might use a variety of UI techniques to deal with the nuances of AI in the future.  

Gregor brings over 30 years of experience to product development and design. He holds over 100 patents and has worked with brands such as Bose, 3M, Dell, Square and Segate. Gregor has a BA and MA from the Technical University Vienna and University of Applied arts in Vienna. Gregor is currently an adjunct professor at the RISD (Rhode Island School of Design).

“I think even for industry specific applications, having a conversational UI could be really empowering.”

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About AI Uncovered

AI Uncovered is our new podcast, made for technology enthusiasts by technology experts. Further, it explores the intersection of generative AI, machine learning, and innovation across regulated industries.

With the AI software market projected to reach $14 trillion by 2030, each episode features compelling conversations with different innovators across a variety of industries.

Hosted by Executive VP of Product at Yseop, Tim Martin leads a global team and uses his expertise to manage the wonderful world of product. 

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