Podcast: Improving Drug Development Speed with AI

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Improving Drug Development Speed with AI in Life Sciences – with Emmanuel Walckenaer of YSEOP and  Dan Faggella from Emerj

Podcast Summary:
Listen and learn from two Artificial Intelligence (AI) subject matter experts. Yseop CEO, Emmanuel Walckenaer recently sat down with Dan Faggella from Emerj to discuss how NLP technology is impacting the clinical trial process.  They analyzed the ramifications of Covid-19 on the drug introduction process and looked at what pharmaceutical companies are doing to better leverage and implement AI technology.  

Yseop is changing how knowledge workers in the clinical space operate with intelligent content automation solutions. Discover how we integrate AI in drug development through a natural language generation (NLG) platform that accelerates the time it takes for drugs to get to market and eliminates the risk of human error in the data review process.

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