AI Uncovered with Daniel O’Mahony (BioPharma 4.0 & The Role of AI in Drug Manufacturing)

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AI uncovered podcast with Daniel O'Mahony.

BioPharma 4.0 & The Role of AI in Drug Manufacturing

In episode five, we are joined by Daniel O’Mahony. Dan is a senior manager of sales and business consulting with Körber Pharma, a pharma manufacturing software company.

In this episode, Tim and Daniel dive deep into the impact of AI on the pharmaceutical manufacturing processes and the delicate balance between digital transformation, risk, and productivity gains in life sciences. They discuss why Ireland has risen as a manufacturing and pharmaceutical hub. They evaluate the digital transformation of drug manufacturing, the role of AI on the process, and the future of personalized drugs.  

Along with his work at Körber, Dan lectures with the National Institute of Bioprocessing Research and Training and at the Atlantic Technical University covering topics like BioPharma 4.0 and digital transformation. Dan has a masters degrees in bioprocessing from ATU and in Pharmaceutical business and technology from Griffith College. He is based in Dublin, Ireland. 

“So on the one hand, you’re using AI models to write the submission documents, and then on the other hand, the regulators are actually using AI to read them.”

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About AI Uncovered

AI Uncovered is our new podcast, made for technology enthusiasts by technology experts. Further, it explores the intersection of generative AI, machine learning, and innovation across regulated industries.

With the AI software market projected to reach $14 trillion by 2030, each episode features compelling conversations with different innovators across a variety of industries.

Hosted by Executive VP of Product at Yseop, Tim Martin leads a global team and uses his expertise to manage the wonderful world of product. 

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