The Top Trends for CFO’s in a Post-Pandemic World (Part 4/5)

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The third trend in our ongoing series, “The Top Trends for CFOs in a Post Pandemic World,” showed us that various government regulations often require the use of digitization. The article looked at how finance teams can simplify their invoicing processes and eliminate fraud. 

Our fourth trend in the series is: 

Empowering people to successfully digitize

As discussed in our previous articles, there are many areas for expansion in 2022 and beyond for financial teams.

A logical place to start is with the buzz-worthy concept of digital transformation. While digitization focuses on technology, digital transformation focuses on adding value to the end user. Together, these concepts enable teams to redefine business activities and processes in a strategic and prioritized way.

Digital transformation, digitization, and AI implementation are all an integral part of the larger strategy of both national and international development finance institutions (DFIs).

The goal of AI and automation elements are straightforward:

  • It highlights areas for growth and allow organizations to explore new ways of doing things, more efficiently 
  • It creates more agile teams, able to focus on high value initiatives and less on administrative tasks 

That’s it for the fourth trend, the last one will be released tomorrow. 

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