Upcoming Webinar - Credit Analysis

Imagine the time you would gain if artificial intelligence handled your financial analysis and reporting?

Discover how retail and corporate banks speed up annual reviews of their SMBs, corporate and financial institution clients :

  • Standardization of 40,000+ reports each year ​​​​​​
  • Automation to increase productivity by a minimum of 25%
  • Cutting writing time by over 30 minutes on each report

Watch our 30 minutes webinar to discover how financial services companies and corporate finance departments have increased their reporting speed while improving accuracy and efficiency with Augmented Financial Analyst, Yseop’s intelligent report automation.

During this recording Nouri Chibane, VP of Business Development at Yseop and Camille Sauder, Solutions Consultant at Yseop will show you:

  • A demo of our brand new no-code Augmented Financial Analyst solution
  • A quick overview about Yseop
  • Q&A session

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