EMWA Spring Conference 2024

Please join Yseop and the broader medical writing community from May 7th to 11th for the EMWA Spring Conference in Valencia, at Table 10. One of this year’s focus will be the impact of AI on medical writing, exploring technology roles, and industry expectations. 

Make sure to join us on May 10th at 3:50pm for an expert seminar series, “Automation for Regulated Industries.”  Details below: 

Join Yseop for an insightful discussion on leveraging AI tools to address compliance needs in regulated industries. Explore examples and real-world scenarios highlighting AI acceptability criteria, data confidentiality, software conformity, and more. We’ll delve into how organizations navigate regulatory challenges and ensure compliance in today’s rapidly evolving landscape.

This year, Yseop will also be exhibiting at Table 10 throughout the event. To book a meeting or if you have any questions, contact marketing@yseop.com or fill out the form. We will schedule a time for you to meet with a Yseop representative during the conference. 

About EMWA

The EMWA Spring Conference brings together medical writers, industry leaders, and department heads to discuss the latest developments in the field and collaborate on shaping the world of medical writing. This essential meeting offers education and networking opportunities, empowering professionals to problem-solve and address global and local challenges in the medical writing community. Join us to elevate your skills and knowledge.

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