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L’Oréal leverages Yseop’s AI-Powered augmented analyst to automate reporting

Yseop’s Augmented Analyst eliminates up to 50% of time spent on reporting tasks across all of corporate finance.

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NEW YORK, NY, October, 2022 – Yseop, a world-leading AI software company and pioneer in Natural Language Processing (NLP), today announced that L’Oréal will deploy Yseop’s world-class enterprise automation platform, Augmented Analyst to help bring instant and automatic efficiency to financial and performance report generation. By enhancing an already-relied upon Google-powered Business Intelligence platform, Yseop is able to provide data visualization capabilities that empowers L’Oreal’s Financial Controller team to understand crucial business-driving insights without needing to put in the monotonous hours analyzing data. 

Through Augmented Analyst, L’Oreal’s Financial Controllers are able to prioritize and focus on the critical analysis within reports, as opposed to putting the reports together. An adaptable solution that can either plug-in to existing Business Intelligence tools, like it does with L’Oreal, or operate independently, Yseop’s industry-leading Natural Language Generation solution automates the writing of financial reports, removing the risk of error in manual writing to ensure accuracy, consistency and compliance.

“L’Oréal is using Yseop to transform quantitative data sets into high quality written analysis and visuals, instantly and at scale,” said Emmanuel Walckenaer, CEO of Yseop. “Further showcasing the high quality of our product, Yseop is empowering L’Oreal to focus on more valuable and strategic work by providing insights that drive decision making.”

After successfully deploying Yseop’s solution across L’Oreal’s Financial Controller team, the two company’s will now work to deploy the solution globally to all of L’Oréal’s applicable divisions. With Yseop, L‘Oreal is able to leverage financial data and upscale the quality of quantitative analysis while also accelerating the time to market availability of key insights to business stakeholders. With the ability to refocus financial teams, Yseop is able to analyze various business segments, and provide comparative analysis between divisions, geographical areas, product axis, brands and more. 

Yseop’s platform uses Natural Language Generation (NLG) to automate financial and performance report generation. With Yseop’s powerful AI automation technology, organizations across industries can shorten the time spent on financial reports and improve efficiency across the entire global company. 

About Yseop
Yseop is an international company specializing in artificial intelligence and is a pioneer in Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology. Yseop’s expertise lies in data analysis, machine learning and language technologies. Its industry-leading Augmented Analyst NLP AI Platform supports enterprise no-code applications for business users. The Augmented Analyst platform analyzes enterprise data and delivers insight and document automation that empowers the workforce, supporting its Augmented Financial Analyst and Augmented Medical Writer applications. 

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