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Automating claims processing with personalized emails for telecommunication firm SFR

SFR improved consistency and productivity across its 4 call centers, with a bespoke tool to automate the generation of personalized emails to customers.

The business impact

30k personal communications generated each month
200 users connected every day
2:50 new, reduced average complaint processing time

The business challenge

Telecommunications company SFR, was looking to increase customer satisfaction by improving service levels across its 4 call centers. Specifically, it was looking to:

  • Ensure consistency in form and content of documents produced across the centers
  • Increase productivity of complaints processing
  • Maintain a high quality of language used by all advisors 

The NLG solution

Yseop developed a bespoke NLG tool for SFR for the creation of personalized, direct to consumer communications. It automates email and letter writing to cover administrative and claims requests, which can then be customized by SFR’s staff before they are sent out. 

The solution ensures a high quality of written French, with consistent language across all communications to deliver a seamless customer experience. We also provided agents with customer support tools based on best practices to ease the reorganisation process and facilitate strong user adoption. 

Yseop is a reliable and stable tool; we don’t need to worry about it nor its use within our different call centers. Thierry Maupoint, Project Manager Customer Service Tools SFR