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Budget monitoring enrichment for management control at a leading French investment bank

Automating management control reporting for a CAC 40 investment bank, saving time and improving accuracy.

The business impact

5,000+ nodes analyzed per report
7-10 days saved each month on data consolidation and report writing
120 reports automatically generated and sent each month

The business challenge

This investment bank was looking to strengthen its monthly budget monitoring process and automate the reports produced by its management controllers. Specifically it needed to:

  • Process a large volume of data from different sources to produce accurate reports
  • Build reports in an iterative approach, starting with a first parameter and extending it at each sprint
  • Enrich reports dynamically using users’ expertise
  • Integrate a solution in a complex IT environment respecting security and confidentiality standards

The NLG solution

Comparing budget and actuals, Yseop enabled the bank to identify significant events and track them from a large volume of data. More than 5,000 nodes are analyzed per report to find and explain the most important facts. Based on this analysis, the Yseop NLG engine writes reports explaining the source of these highlights according to geographical, functional or hierarchical indicators.

This bank’s financial management team benefits from the automatic control of all data and the reduction of operational risk related to manual copying operations. It also saves up to 10 days on worldwide data consolidation and report writing every month, by generating 120 reports automatically.