Evaluating Top NLG Software (Yseop featured in Analytics Insight)

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Yseop was featured in Analytics Insight for being one of the top NLG software in 2023. As the need for automating content increases, emerging technologies like NLG are increasingly part of successful workflow strategies across a variety of industries. NLG can generate reports rapidly, eliminating tedious analysis and data crunching. Without a doubt, incorporating NLG software is extremely valuable and can be a game changer for organizations and employees. However, it’s important to identify what to look for in order to maximize its benefits.

What to look for in NLG software

Top NLG software turns data analysis into actionable insights. It’s critical to look for NLG software that can enhance human capabilities and provide value to the organization. Additionally, NLG has many different use cases. While it’s ultimately up to each organization to decide what’s important, the below are helpful tips to keep in mind.

  • If in a more regulated industry like finance or biopharma, ensure software incorporates the most up-to-date generative AI technology. In fact, blending the power of large language models (LLMS) with customer data should deliver a trusted and audible content automation solution.
  • Be practical and approach implementations of NLG tech with specific goals in mind. With this in mind, assess all KPIs, which will help with how you evaluate NLG products.
  • Consider certain criteria including scalability, self-service, and security. Evaluate if it’s important to have scalability across the entire organization, if self-service tools are useful to update information in real time, and if an on premise solution for data security matters. 
  • Again, if in a regulated industry, the solution needs to address any unique security requirements. Proprietary prompts and validation methods should ensure accuracy, while citations should preserve traceability. Overall, the technology should be hosted in a secure environment.
  • The most value lies in automating reports that are written frequently and requested often. Further, this will help the organization save significant time and money.
  • Lastly, organizations that use NLG to transform how their data reserves are used see higher ROI.

Yseop’s Top NLG Software

Overall, NLG can model and scale human expertise at levels that have not been achieved before. As a digital copilot for regulated industries, Yseop ushers a new standard of accuracy and efficiency to help companies drive performance at scale. Yseop uses a combination of technologies to deliver the greatest automation value for customers. 

To learn more about Yseop’s NLG solutions and understand how this can translate to your business, please contact and follow us on Twitter or LinkedIn.

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