Weekly AI Digest: How Predictive Analytics Improves Customer Experience

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This week’s featured article comes from the Chief Digital Evangelist at Salesforce, Vala Afshar. In his recent article published in the HuffPost (Advanced Predictive Analytics and AI Will Close The Customer Experience Gap), Afshar takes an in-depth look at common struggles companies have when trying to improve customer engagement and communication. I found this graph within the article to be particularly interesting:

How Predictive Analytics Improves Customer Experience

Based on the research he presents, it’s not unusual for companies to feel overwhelmed by their customer’s data. With only 25% of companies using “most” or all of customer data, this puts these companies in a great position to begin personalizing communications for future or potential clients.

So, for the remaining 75%, Afshar suggests that AI and predictive analytics improves customer experience. Incorporating a tool that helps to not only automate and personalize communications, but also can help forecast possible future needs or actions. At Yseop, we recommend going even a step further and implementing prescriptive analytics into your current workflows to help provide actionable next steps based on the data analysis.

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