Weekly AI Digest: Gartner’s Top Strategic Predications Announced

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Every year Gartner makes top predictions on the future of digital technology. In 2015, one of these predictions was by 2018, 20% of all content will be generated by machines. Over the last two years, we’ve found these predictions to be accurate as the demand in the market for Natural Language Generation (NLG) software continue to rise. Here at Yseop, we’ve developed a powerful NLG software that automates the writing or reports as well as the explanations of the results of data analysis. In January 2017, NLG was named one of the hottest trends of the year and has also been described the last-step in the Data Discovery and BI & Analytics processes. Over the next year, we continue to see the use cases for NLG continue to grow and be a game-changer for many companies worldwide.

During Gartner’s annual Symposium/ITxpo in Orlando, Gartner announces its top strategic predictions for the digital future. This year, the future is looking bright for both IoT and smart chatbots. Similarly, Gartner also projects that visual and voice search capabilities will continue to grow in popularity (great example from last week: Google Assistant and Google Lens). Here’s a video from David Cearley, Gartner Fellow and VP, discussing the top 10 strategic predictions for 2018:

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