Top Artificial Intelligence Movies | Pick 1 – Imitation Game

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In 2022, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is now a pervasive aspect of our day-to-day life without us even noticing. From sentence suggestions in Gmail to stories written entirely by AI transformer models, it takes many forms. Over the course of the next few weeks, the Yseop team is sharing our must-watch movies that celebrate AI. Each Friday, we will suggest a top pick from various genres – from dystopian thrillers to romance and comedy.

Our first pick is The Imitation Game. It seems natural to start with a movie about Alan Turing, considered widely by many to be the father of theoretical Artificial Intelligence. Turing was a brilliant English mathematician, computer scientist, and inventor of the first computer, the Turing machine. One of his greatest contributions was as a codebreaker – cracking the encryption of the Enigma machine used by the German army to communicate battle plans during World War II. 

In 1950, Alan Turing started laying the framework for AI and questioning “can machines think?”. Following the concept and questioning the possibilities, he created the Turing Test, based on a Victorian game called the imitation game, where you have to guess if you are interacting with a human or a machine. 

The term Artificial Intelligence was first introduced two years after Alan Turing’s death in 1956 by John McCarthy. In 1966, 16 years after the creation of the Turing Test, the Eliza program from Joseph Weizenbaum became the first program to successfully pass the test. 

Alan Turing’s work and life are fascinating and are the cornerstone of every technology innovation such as Natural Language Generation, Yseop’s expertise. If you want to learn about AI and the Turing test read our Doomed to Fail the Turing Test article.

Enjoy this week’s movie, and see you next Friday for another must-watch Artificial Intelligence movie!

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