Top Artificial Intelligence Movies | Friday Yseop Pick | 03 – Free Guy

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Next up for our Friday AI Movie of the week, we are highlighting Free Guy, a 2021 action comedy release.  

Free Guy is about a man who lives in an open-world video game called Free City. Guy is programmed to believe his world is perfect, even though the reality of his situation is far from it. The movie focuses on a variety of “non-playing characters” (NPC) who routinely experience calamitous and humorous scenarios. 

The movie follows the evolution of Guy’s character with comedic timing and explores how AI shapes an NPC’s understanding of their existence. The movie brings up intriguing themes related to artificial emotional intelligence and questions like can AI actually have human emotions? 

As AI maturity continues to evolve, as demonstrated in Free Guy, it brings up arguments originally presented by the brilliant Alan Turing. The English codebreaker and father of modern computing argued that AI will have reached maturity the day a human being couldn’t tell, in a conversation, whether the other party was a computer or another human. 

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Enjoy Free Guy, and see you next Friday for another must-watch Artificial Intelligence movie! Let us know what you think in the comments. 

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