Next Steps: Transition from Narrative Science to Yseop

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With Salesforce’s acquisition of Narrative Science, any company not utilizing integrations related to Tableau will need to find a new vendor in the upcoming months. 

To mitigate the challenge of transitioning from Narrative Science, Yseop is pleased to offer a complimentary AI and NLG technology audit to any of their existing customers. As the leader in Natural Language Generation (NLG), Yseop provides no-code, plug & play natural language narratives to instantly harness insights at the point of decision making. 

In the last five years, NLP technology has made significant strides. With Yseop, anyone can create and leverage an NLG application. The days of only technical users implementing and maintaining advanced AI like this are over.

Why Transition to Yseop?

The Yseop team provides powerful AI data storytelling and intelligent report capabilities for large enterprises. Firms who make the switch often see the difference immediately with up to 70% productivity increases:

  • Clearer dashboards – Yseop’s intelligent narratives deliver clear, written summaries of data insights to dashboard viewers. Gain immediate data understanding and speed to action key insights. 
  • Out-of-the-Box AI – Yseop supports all structured data types to instantly create in dashboard narratives. Our studio integrates Yseop’s AI-based model that mimics financial analysts’ thinking, producing complex financial or operational reports faster.
  • No code intelligent report automation – Our no-code solution is built for business users and instantly delivers the most intelligent narratives available, so there’s no need to be a software engineer or even a data scientist. 

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How is Yseop prepared to help your firm make the transition from Narrative Science?

  • Yseop is the next generation of NLG technology, powerful and user friendly 
  • Access step-by-step guidance from implementation and technical experts
  • Get flexible automation packs and competitive rates, trusted by 50k global users

To receive a complimentary technology audit of your use case for NLP, please fill out the form on the right. A Yseop representative will be in contact soon.

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