How to Quickly Generate a Sales Performance Analysis Report With AI

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Has slow sales optimization been costing your company its competitive edge? Keeping up with global operations may involve waiting four days – or more – to receive updated data, produce a report, and finally receive results. And how actionable is that report? Can you compare what’s boosted or bottle-necked sales across countries, products, and departments when branch reports are all done differently?

Savvy enterprises know the brainpower used in these patchwork analyses could be better spent advising on ways to make data go farther. But how can my team instantly produce reports that explain our performance in a way that is understandable by all and leaves no room for interpretation? The solution: Financial Intelligent Report Automation (IRA) driven by AI.

The True ROI of AI Sales Performance Reports

Claiming that AI sales analysis saves time and money is an understatement. Many teams see a high, immediate return purely from measuring the hours (or days) reclaimed from “manual purgatory.” Our clients find automation provides a number of benefits:

  • Better productivity
  • Lower process costs
  • 100% accurate commentary

Analysts Driving Strategic Sales Insights and Action

Optimizing speed, accuracy, consistency, and quality all downsize the time-cost dilemma. But AI-assisted top-performing teams know that the core ROI is the strategic reallocation of human minds driving collaborative sales insights.

Our clients discover that analysts’ other work benefits from increased focus. Dialing in accurate decision making gets much easier when attention is less segmented. Once analysts nail down the right story from the commentary provided, their diaries have the space so they mingle with their team and craft actionable insights.

Cost margins aren’t the only beneficiary: analysts themselves are often find themselves more satisfied in jobs re-focused around strategy. With 69% of employees putting time in where they actually want to spend it, solutions like ours are pivotal to the future of sales reporting.

Addressing the Challenges of Sales Reporting

Many organizations worry the move to AI-enhanced business intelligence is a too time-consuming an operations overhaul. But consider the abundance of time tied up in your datasets today: could that be better spent on collaboration and strategy?

According to a 2019 report from Deloitte, financial team members claim to spend roughly half their time on tedious report building. Automation across the entire reporting process lifts attention from these bottlenecked areas, so your analysts can spend more than the current 18% of their time in high-value collaborations.

The True Value of Transition Time

With the right solution, this shift can typically be done in just one to two months. Key approaches to an intelligent reporting automation product include:

  1. Pre-production training
  2. No-code configuration
  3. Minimal to no post-training human intervention required

Firstly, pre-production training of the financial analysis product prevents the move from disrupting the organizational flow. Using a “no-code” solution makes guiding this process easier by meeting analysts in terms they can understand. With upkeep managed by deterministic AI, analysts can trust their reporting and commentary to be 100% accurate.

Even while mirroring an analyst’s unique storytelling across the entire reporting process, all this setup is no more complex than configuring a report.

Standardized Reporting

Imagine trying to assemble a large picture by piecing a puzzle together with bits that don’t quite fit. This is an accurate visual of the big picture yours — and many other companies — face with non-standardized reports.

Ideally, your automation solution knows that every branch does things a little differently. A “good report” at one branch may be a detail-heavy fog to upper management. In the same way, data narratives at other branches might be lacking depth, built differently, or be viewed from a different lens entirely.

Sales teams are finding our IRA’s patented “intentions” model brings these discrepancies into harmony. Our solution gives management the ability to simultaneously mirror analysts’ storytelling, keeping results uniform with key highlights that can be compared. The solution learns how you want results written company-wide, then our ML Feedback Loop creates a natural writing voice that easy to work with.

Since it’s all automated in real-time, teams offer significantly more reports at better quality in a single click. Shipping the commentary can be as clean as a simple copy-paste of these easy explanations into emails for top management.

Centralized Workflows

Once teams have modeled their analysis, effective automation solutions enhance workflow — rather than disrupt it — by integrating seamlessly anywhere your team already works.

The leap from dataset to actionable intelligence is faster when your analyst’s work is less fractured. We’ve seen teams benefit from our product’s flexible architecture to source structured data and output commentary where it lives, whether on-premise or cloud.

Many of our BI clients use plugin widgets for commentary next to their visualized BI data. Oracle databases can similarly receive direct outputs of analysis. Robotic Process Automation (RPA) teams have leveraged our product for bot-based outputs like weekly sales performance email updates for their management.

Data Visibility and Multi-Dimensional Analysis

Today’s sales reporting demands agile action to keep pace with an evolving competitive landscape. AI-driven reporting clears the fog around your data across multiple dimensions with wider data visibility.

Shifts in perspective keep modern sales teams thriving through even the roughest climates. As such, ideal solutions expand visibility with real-time highlights on key variations. This dynamic and agile sales performance analysis is common with teams leveraging our product. Our back-end analytics Feedback Loop reveals narratives from multiple angles to support insightful decision-making in that last mile of understanding.

A Call for The Renovation of Sales Strategy

To remain competitive in sales, adopting full automation across the entire reporting process is invaluable. Our Augmented Financial Analyst solution has empowered over 50,000 users for an agile digital transformation. Yseop elevates your complex data with reliable, efficient reporting at-scale which underscores your mission to improve.

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