Finance NLG Use Case: Variance Analysis

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Variance Analysis is a backbone feature of any Finance or FP&A department. To maintain high level performance, automation can get back valuable time while increasing output.

A variance analysis is the study of deviations of actual behavior versus forecasted or planned behavior in budgeting or management accounting. Diving into the differences of expectation and reality and how it relates to business performance. Yseop integrates with multiple different forecasts, and once actuals are published by accounting, takes in a single set of forecasts and actuals and begins to automate organizational reporting and analysis.

Finally, no more all-nighter’s

What used to be an all-nighter for analysts, after the actuals are published, is now a few second wait for Yseop to compare budget to actuals. Saving time by automating a process which was filled with human error and monotony. Using Intelligent Automation Yseop’s Augmented Financial Analyst can dish out the what’s and the why’s of variance analysis. This leaves the FP&A Manager time to truly partner with the business and drive value.

How does this automation work? Doesn’t it take months to implement?

Set it and forget it. No-code interface empowering your business experts to easily setup an automated report. Analysts use Yseop’s Publisher to generate commentary, tables and analysis across multiple different reports and data sets. Meaning no more creating and updating monotonous and complex reports Yseop’s Augmented Financial Analyst keeps them updated an accurate. Yseop prides itself on getting business process automated fast, our timetable to implementation can be as short as 4 weeks!

Looking to explore more finance NLG use cases? Check out our solution or reach out for a demo with one of our automation experts!

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