Digital Finance Awards 2019: An AI solution created by Yseop for Société Générale wins award for most innovative initiative of the year

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Yseop, the French artificial intelligence wonder company and world leader in Natural Language Generation (NLG), has today announced that the project to digitize management control processes based on the Yseop platform and created for Société Générale has won the award for most innovative initiative of the year at the 2019 Digital Finance Awards.

The aim of the Future of Finance initiative, delivered in partnership with Deloitte, is to reward finance departments that have performed outstandingly in the innovation, digitization and modernization of their operations. The first Digital Finance Awards, held in March 2019, have rewarded the best initiatives in the digital transformation of finance operations. Société Générale submitted its Scribe platform, a project using the agile development method, to the Digital Finance Awards. In 2017, the finance department at Société Générale identified the potential of AI and initiated a testing prototype using Yseop’s NLG solution, to optimize the time-consuming writing of financial reports commentaries, which are produced in great volumes.

Since 2015, Addventa, Yseop’s partner on the project, has been working closely with Société Générale, a pioneer in the use of NLG. By automating report writing, Yseop’s NLG platform delivers a reduction of up to 80% in production time for commentaries, offering an improvement in operational efficiency, standardization of report quality and putting analysts’ value creation to better use. It has been rolled out to other areas and is contributing to a dramatic long-term transformation of all business processes.

Emmanuel Walckenaer, CEO of Yseop, said:

Our ambition is to place our AI and NLG know-how at the service of organizations and end users, putting an end to the rivalry between technology and the human dimension. We are proud to see our solutions becoming a mainstay of a digitization program as successful as that of Société Générale, which has successfully met the challenge of innovation.

Philippe Charpentier, Head of the Digital and Innovation Office at Société Générale’s Finance Department, added:

Yseop’s NLG solution gave us a way to enrich analysis by combining the speed and calculating power of new technologies with human analytical skills. This award highlights the specific achievements of Société Générale’s Finance Department in innovation, and acknowledges the excellent work done by all the teams involved, both inside and outside the company.

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