CRM Automation Software: What You Need to Know

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What makes a CRM successful? While answers range from CRM usage to features and User Experience, one of the most common responses is data integrity. Whether you work in a call center, back office, sales or marketing, accurate data is critical. However, of equal importance is the question of time. Most of us are just too busy to spend hours adding data to a CRM. Perhaps we scribble a few notes or add a few figures but deep down we know it’s not enough. What can CRM automation software do to help in this workflow?

Sometimes it can feel like the CRM becomes our job, not a tool to boost productivity. After 3 or 4 hours of adding meetings, updating deals, and building reports, you can be forgiven for feeling like you accomplished nothing all afternoon. For this reason and many others, meetings go unlogged in the CRM or the information is, at best, unstructured, unusable, and perhaps unintelligible. So, what could be the solution? Let’s take a look at a specific use case in the real estate industry to see how they helped remove the burden of data entry for their sales team.

The Problem: Manually Tracking Visits for Real Estate Agents

As an example of a potential solution, let’s look at a global real estate company. This company had a specific problem with regards to tracking which properties their real estate agents would visit. By the end of each week, each agent would need to submit a report that included details about the visit (who, what, where, when, etc.).

They had lots of difficulties understanding the visits that were made (and those that weren’t) because the real estate agents didn’t take the time to write reports after each visit. At the same time, the real estate agents loathed the reporting because when they were working on reports, they weren’t closing businesses and getting paid! So, when it came to the end of the work week, agents forgot the information or could only partially remember the details. Ultimately, the result was that the company’s CRM was not filled out correctly. They were not able to provide accurate information to owners or renters.

The Solution: Make Your CRM Smarter with CRM Automation Software

Using Yseop’s Next-Generation Natural Language Generation (NLG) technology, the company was able to design a mobile app that asks smart questions to the sales people. This was beneficial for a few reasons:

  1. Data entry: the app collects and sends data to the CRM automatically
  2. Automate Client Follow-up: sales people can specify how they need to follow up with the client. The app can automatically generate personalized emails ; as well as
  3. On-Demand Reporting: instead of constantly following up with the sales team, management can generate visit summary reports on demand.

For CRMs to be valuable, sales people need to input structured data accurately, and the CRM should display the information in a way that is easy to understand. By augmenting the company’s current CRM with NLG technology, data entry became simpler and the CRM could do more than before.


Automating the first steps of client follow up with personalized emails, the sales team could focus on what they do best: sell.

This is just one example of a successful use case using Natural Language Generation. To learn more about other popular use cases in NLG, download this white paper.

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