Credit Webinar: Optimize Credit Granting Processes with AI

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Today, when a company applies for credit, business managers must analyze numerous financial indicators to evaluate their customers’ ability to repay. Thanks to Yseop’s Natural Language Generation (NLG) solution, financial analysis of credit applications is generated in just a few clicks, based on financial statements.

Discover how Yseop helped the Corporate Department of BNP Paribas BDDF automate the production of financial analysis of credit applications for their corporate customers.

The benefits were massive and included:

➨ Faster responses to customers

➨ More time to focus on complex analysis or files

➨ Increased efficiency with better quality reports

In this recorded webinar (in French subtitled in English) with BNP, we covered a wide range of topics, including:

● Presentation of Yseop and the strategic relationship at BNP Paribas

● BNP Paribas use case: automation of the credit analysis process

● Benefits of the adopted solution

● Demonstration of our solution: Augmented Financial Analyst

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