Augmented Christmas: Letters from Santa

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Christmas. A busy time of year for parents, schools and one North Pole based team in particular. As we draw closer to Christmas Eve, Santa is feeling the pressure with so many presents to make and deliver and millions of letters coming in from boys and girls around the world. If only there was something that could help lighten his load and help him continue to deliver his amazing and personalized service as expectations increase and his list gets longer and longer.

Introducing Yseop’s latest Letters from Santa app, combining the latest AI and Natural Language Generation technologies with Santa’s expertise to generate personal responses to letters from boys and girls around the world. The Letters from Santa app means that letters are automatically answered with personal responses drawing from Santa’s years of expertise. Now children and adults in today’s digital world can engage more interactively and immediately with Santa. This time freed up from responding to letters allows Santa and his elves to focus on what really matters making presents and delivering around the world.

Throughout the process of the AI Santa ‘Letters from Santa’ project, Yseop’s elves worked closely with Santa to understand what questions he had for boys and girls and how he responded to them depending on their behaviour. We learned what he felt was important for different age groups to build Santa’s wisdom and sparkle into the letters.

Santa himself was very pleased with the results of the project: “I’ve been finding it hard to respond to everyone and still make all the presents, even with all the extra elves I’ve hired in my factory! I’m happy that I can now focus on delivering our biggest Christmas yet! Ho ho ho!”

If you’d like to hear from Santa, click through to Yseop’s Letters from Santa app. Tell him if you’ve been naughty or nice and see what he has to say to you.

It’s not just Santa who is benefitting from working with Yseop. Companies around the world use Yseop’s Natural Language Generation technology to improve productivity and accuracy. It’s used to reduce repetitive tasks, allowing employees to focus on more high value activities. For example, in the financial sector busy teams have more time for high value analysis when the burden of collating and analysing reams of data is removed. Learn more about how companies can grow with NLG here.

If you think NLG could help you and your team make more time for what’s really important and would like to find out more about how our Yseop elves can help your team better perform please contact us and we can arrange a call or demo.

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