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AI NLG Intelligent Report Automation for Finance and Financial organizations

On February 25, our second YseopMorning event took place in Paris, in partnership with Capgemini Invent.

The audience consisted of a mix of over 30 organizations, spanning from Top Tier 1 banks, large industrial companies to leading consultancy houses.

The event provided once again a fruitful opportunity for knowledge sharing through the speakers’ interventions, as well as during the networking sessions – with a little energy boost provided by croissants and French pastries to help fuel the conversations.

The Impact, The Transformation, The Technology

3 speakers, 3 viewpoints on the transformational impact of AI

For this second installment, we had the pleasure to have three different profiles sharing their specific perspectives on the reality of using AI to transform existing reporting processes.

The presentation revolved around Olivier’s return on experience covering the ins and outs of the BPCE digitization project, some of the lessons learned along the way, and achieved results.

Bastien provided valuable insights on the state of AI and the AI & Data strategy essentials for scale. At the same time, Emmanuel highlighted to what extent the complementarity of Yseop’s and Capgemini’s offering was instrumental in the success of the delivery project.


Key Takeaways from the event:

1Finance of tomorrow is expected to be a strategic partner, efficient, producer of value, innovative and attractive.
2AI is not (only) about technology – set realistic, business-driven expectations first, think IT second.
3The human factor is a cornerstone of your automation success. In essence, leverage AI to model human expertise and augment your workforce, and remember to make change management a crucial part of the equation!

Play the video to hear firsthand what Olivier, Bastien, and Emmanuel have to say about joining hands on the BPCE Project!


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About YseopMorning

YseopMorning is a breakfast briefing event designed for anyone interested in Artificial Intelligence and Digital Transformation. The focus is more specifically on Intelligent Automation powered by Natural Language Generation (NLG) technology. The event gathers experts from different fields to share insights and explore the practical business use cases of NLG through product presentations and customer testimonials.

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