Leadership Team

Pierre-Louis Durel

Vice President, Corporate Development

Pierre-Louis is the VP Corporate Development and used to lead Yseop’s product roadmap and delivery strategy to provide Life Sciences & Finance customers with maximum value on their use cases.

Pierre-Louis started his career in consultancy at Wavestone. As an engineer, he has led major digital transformation projects and helped product organizations scale across a variety of industries, including retail banking, transportation and the aircraft industry. He has supported joint-venture creations in the US and China, end-to-end customer experience transformation programs or product team transformations to accelerate delivery. Pierre-Louis was also COO of an early-stage startup in the payment industry, leading the firm to become one of the first third-party providers granted access to process payment information in Europe.

He has two young daughters and is very active. He loves spending time outside, cycling, tinkering, and practicing any sliding sport- starting with waterskiing!

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