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Weekly AI Digest: Banking Automation Solutions Predicted to Grow

13 November 2017 | Blog

According to McKinsey, there is “a second wave of automation and AI emerging in the next few year...

CRM Automation Software: What You Need to Know

10 November 2017 | Blog

What makes a CRM successful? While answers range from CRM usage to features and User Experience, ...

Weekly AI Digest: McKinsey Talks About AI Misconceptions

06 November 2017 | Blog

Last week, I talked about a common misconception about Artificial Intelligence: all AI technology...

Teradata AI Survey Says: Decision-Makers Are Investing in AI

31 October 2017 | Blog

Last week, we participated in the Teradata Partners Conference in Anaheim, CA. The conference tal...

Weekly AI Digest: The Alternative to Black Box AI

30 October 2017 | Blog

Last week, VentureBeat hosted a summit in Berkeley called “Riding the AI Wave.” Talks focused aro...

How to Cut Call Center Costs with Natural Language Generation

23 October 2017 | Blog

Call centers are often quietly called “cost centers” in companies, and it’s no wonder. With high ...

Weekly AI Digest: Automating Data-Driven Decision Making

23 October 2017 | Blog

A number doesn’t always tell the full story. Very few departments, even people, are numbers-orien...

Weekly AI Digest: Studies Show Enterprise Benefits from Automation

16 October 2017 | Blog

Opinions about automation in the workplace are slowly changing, based on two different surveys th...

Top 3 Business Process Automation Targets for Enterprise

11 October 2017 | Blog

The term business process automation (BPA) is almost reaching buzzword status this year, replacin...

Weekly AI Digest: Gartner’s Top Strategic Predications Announced

09 October 2017 | Blog

Every year Gartner makes top predictions on the future of digital technology. In 2015, one of the...

Automating Report Writing: How Financial Services is Embracing AI

05 October 2017 | Blog

When you think of Artificial Intelligence you no doubt conjure up ideas of self-driving cars, rob...

Weekly AI Digest: Improving ROI with Intelligent Automation

02 October 2017 | Blog

How can you achieve a cost savings of up to 75%? With automation, according to an article from K...