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What’s Next for Data and Business Intelligence: Augmented Analytics

09 August 2017 | Blog

In a blog post from Gartner last week, Rita Sallam announced that a new emerging topic that is be...

Popular Tech for Automation in Finance: Top 3 Expert Systems

20 July 2017 | Blog

Automation is transforming the finance industry and it’s easy to see why. With growing databases ...

Why Big Data Projects Fail: Top 3 Reasons

14 June 2017 | Blog

Big Data is all around us, and I don’t mean that data is used everywhere. Instead, Big Data marke...

How to Use Natural Language Generation: The First Step

08 June 2017 | Blog

It seems everywhere we look, companies and analysts are talking about Natural Language Generation...

Identifying 1st Natural Language Generation Use Case: It’s as Easy as 1-2-3

25 May 2017 | Blog

One of the most common questions I get from people interested in Natural Language Generation (NLG...

Business Intelligence Tools: A 1950s Concept?

16 May 2017 | Blog

Business Intelligence tools is a term that has become commonplace within the analytics community,...

Refocusing Your Company’s Business Analytics Strategy

04 May 2017 | Blog

As a company, it’s easy to understand that there’s value in data and that’s the point of business...

Automation: Are You Using 21st Century Tech to Facilitate 19th Century Processes?

25 April 2017 | Blog

I’ve always been fascinated by the time period around the turn of the last century because of the...

Why Your Analytics ROI Is Low (It’s Not What You May Think!)

20 April 2017 | Blog

It’s a familiar story. You’ve tried almost every combination of tips and tricks to improve your d...