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Technology partners to help you harness the full potential of our NLG solutions

Learn more about the benefits of an Yseop partnership

Partnerships are a vital part of our mission to help companies drive performance through intelligent automation, at scale. We are actively seeking to extend our partner community with like-minded technology companies, system integrators, and consulting firms to help democratize NLG and make it more accessible to companies transitioning to a digital-age IT ecosystem.

Backed up by 12+ years of deep AI NLG specialist expertise and the delivery of hundreds of successful implementations, Yseop has gained vast experience to ensure that our solutions are adopted and used to the fullest.

Who partners with us

Benefit from our trusted network of experienced, knowledgeable, and reliable partners. Each of these companies has extensive practical experience to guide you through your NLG journey.

If you have prescriptive or predictive analytics abilities, have embraced data lake and Big Data, and have state of the art analytics tools that process data in real-time, NLG is the last mile you need to explain your results in a language the reader understands. Yseop NLG solutions perfectly complement the visual insights provided by BI tools.

Partners include: 

  • Information Builders 
  • Qlik

Our SI partners help organizations fully capitalize on the benefits NLG technology can provide, while addressing the challenges related to integration with legacy systems and IT infrastructures. User adoption is fundamental to success for AI, so SI partners demonstrate proven expertise in technology deployment and leverage Yseop’s services to ensure user teams fully harness the power of our NLG solutions.

Partners include

  • LTI
  • Orion Business Solutions
  • Litera Microsystems
  • P-Val

Yseop Consulting partners are uniquely positioned to help firms bridge the gap in a new technology paradigm. Well-versed in advising organizations navigating in complex environments, their advisory services span across all areas of business from strategy down to operations. In a time of disruptive digital transformation and shifting market conditions, our consulting partners will provide you with the support you need to help turn intelligent automation into tangible business value.

Partners include: 

  • Capgemini
  • Accenture
  • KPMG

Revolutionize the way you work, today

Whether you are looking for help to identify your first business use case, or have a specific need in mind, we can help you seize the opportunities of this next generation AI technology and drive real business improvement. Get in touch today to join the NLG workplace revolution. 

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