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Press Release: New NLP Platform Automates Regulatory Reporting Processes for Life Sciences

New Augmented Analyst Platform Reduces Medical Report Writing Time By An Average of 40%, Allowing for Faster Regulatory Submission and FDA Approval Processes

PARIS, FRANCE, March 1, 2022 -- Yseop, the world-leading AI software company and pioneer in Natural Language Processing (NLP), today announced Augmented Analyst (v2.5), the new release of its market-ready product offering for Clinical Study Reports (CSR). The technology allows for immediate drafting of CSRs once testing databases are locked, with no code required

Up until now, the drug approval process has been extremely time-consuming, taking years for FDA commercialization approval. By automating key components of the required regulatory reports, Yseop reduces writing times by an average of 40%, allowing medical writers to prioritize and focus on more critical, science-driven areas within each report. With an easy-to-use, no-code interface, pharma, and life sciences firms are now successfully using Yseop to streamline large portions of the drug introduction process.

"Yseop undoubtedly drives accelerated drug market introduction by implementing AI and NLP to the critical and last stage regulatory report generation process,” said Emmanuel Walckenaer, CEO of Yseop. “By revolutionizing traditional report generation, our technology empowers medical writers to work faster and more efficiently. The feedback from the medical writing community has been resoundingly positive and well-received, as they can now shift their focus to more strategic analysis.”

Augmented Medical Writer, Yseop’s specialized AI NLP reporting technology, is purposefully designed for life-science professionals. Yseop’s augmented reporting solution results in significant cost savings, enabling analysts to focus on more valuable drug discovery projects, and ultimately speeding up the process of bringing new, potentially life-saving drugs to market.

By removing the burden of manually crunching structured data and writing the associated narratives, Yseop works with more than half a dozen of the top 20 pharma companies and has established itself as the undisputed industry leader of AI NLP in pharma and life sciences.

Using Yseop’s AI engine, the team’s goal is to extend the platform capability to automate all pre-clinical, clinical, pharmacovigilance required documents allowing a radical change in the way pharma and bio-pharma companies are operating.

To read more about Augmented Analyst 2.5 features, please visit the Yseop blog.

About Yseop

Yseop is an international company specializing in artificial intelligence and is a pioneer in natural language processing (NLP) technology. Yseop’s expertise lies in data analysis, machine learning and language technologies. Its industry-leading Augmented Analyst Natural Language Processing AI Platform supports enterprise no-code applications for business users. The Augmented Analyst analyzes enterprise data and delivers insight automation that empowers the workforce, specifically for its Augmented Financial Analyst and Augmented Medical Writer solutions. 

Founded in Lyon, with headquarters in Paris, Yseop works with clients across Europe and the United States. It is rapidly expanding globally, providing enterprise-level automation solutions for some of the world’s largest companies, including in finance (Credit Agricole, SG, Moody’s, BNP Paribas), pharmaceuticals (Sanofi), and the technology sector (Oracle). It also partners with strategic consulting and integration firms including CapGemini, and LTI, who support the deployment and adoption of Yseop’s NLP technology. For more information, please visit